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My daughter is a 16 year-old singer/songwriter

We were deep in the country last week on some winding road on the brink of being 'lost' with no cell phone service.  Julia saw this old house that had windows which were filled with Guitars.  She wanted to stop, but we needed to get to our destination so I told her if we found it on our way back, we would stop.  

Well, I have no idea how we did, but we managed to come down the same winding road that took us to our destination and we pulled in.  We walked up to the front door.  The door to the house was opened with a squeaky old screen door about two inches ajar.  I knocked.  An older gentleman about 85 years old came to the door and invited us in.

My daughter was elated.  All around us were string instruments of all kinds, guitars, violins, banjos, ukuleles flanked the walls and all available floorspace so that only a small path was available to walk through.  Gary explained to us that he traded and sold guitars, although I'm not sure how much he did it anymore.  As we walked through the house my daughter spotted an Oscar Schmidt Guitar (we had no idea at the time what kind of guitar it was, but it didn't matter to Julia, she was drawn to it).  

It turned out that it was Gary's mothers guitar.  Her name was Eva Louise.  While he didn't want to part with it, after two days and a long conversation he decided to sell it to us.  When he took it off the wall there was a outline of the guitar.  It must have been hanging there for decades.  

Julia named the guitar 'Eva' in memory of Gary's mother.  

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